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Products & Services

Our business is to facilitate organizations with business intelligence solutions, services and advisory.
We deliver projects, provide ongoing service & support as well as workshops and trainings for BI, management information and information management.




Business intelligence (BI)

  • BI scan (analysis, audit, report)
  • Delivering strategy, project plan,
  • Delivering complete BI solution (business and IT via our ICBI methodology)
  • Strategic action track
  • Capacity planning (e.g. Client Service)
  • Workshops/ training

Management information (MI)

  • Reporting (standard and ad-hoc, etc..)
  • Analysis (root cause, predictive, etc..)
  • Dashboards, Score-carding
  • Strategy, project, milestone and activity plan

Information management (IM)

  • Enterprise scan (analysis, audit, report )
  • Creating, Implementing, enhancing IM structure
  • Delivering Business-IT integrated solutions

Process and workflow design

  • Process scan (analysis, audit, report)
  • Workflow development,
  • Delivering complete BI solution
  • Outsourcing/ off-shoring
  • Strategic action track

Organizational development

  • Strategic development planning
  • Organization planning (structure focus)
  • Outsourcing/ off-shoring
  • Change management
  • Enterprise scan

Project management

  • Project scoping, planning, managing
  • Developing success criterion
  • Project benefit tracking




IT Services and product development

    • Online ERP development
    • Database and BI solution development
    • IT infrastructure and solutions
    • Operating various BI tools

    Sailor networks

    • Web design
    • Identity design
    • Print design
    • Visual/graphic design

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    Methodologies and specific packages

    We apply following methodologies

    • Information Cycle BI (ICBI) processing
    • Universal information matrix (UIM)
    • Balanced scorecard
    • Six Sigma
    • Lean
    • Cybernetic management
    • System theory
    • ITIL

    Unique package: Enterprise scan

    • We retrieve information from systems and people
    • We analyze
    • We deliver an audit report
    • We advice on what to improve, how and when.


System solution

Service & Support

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