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How is IBVision performing projects?

We start up projects via determining project scope, goal, time and if already known also a milestone plan and
success criterion. In some projects the goal is dynamic by nature and based on results of initial analysis.

If required or if this is the goal, we perform analysis of your organization and IT. Depending on the scope and complexity following steps will be applied. (Procedure and administration must be in healthy relation to costs)
The next step is to create a project plan with results as central element as well as a clear plan of estimated time and
money. Most projects involve a technical an operational and communication aspect.

We will perform the projects according to project plan and implement solutions straight forward in collaboration and constant communication with our clients.

Following diagram displays how we set up and conduct projects (standard framework).


We involve operational, technical and communication aspects

In order to achieve optimum  solutions we involve all relevant aspects in our projects.
For some projects the scope will be clear form start, for other projects the scope is dynamically adapting to situation.




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