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How is IBVision performing projects?1


We start up projects via determining project scope, goal, time and if already known also a milestone plan and success criterion. In some projects the goal is dynamic by nature and based on results of initial analysis.

If required or if this is the goal, we perform analysis of your organization and IT. Depending on the scope and complexity following steps will be applied. (Procedure and administration must be in healthy relation to costs)
The next step is to create a project plan with results as central element as well as a clear plan of estimated time and money. Most projects involve a technical an operational and communication aspect.

We will perform the projects according to project plan and implement solutions straight forward in collaboration and constant communication with our clients.

We involve operational, technical and communication aspectsw


It’s often rather simple questions most management and CEOs repeatedly are confronted with at overall levelBut: It takes often enormous efforts to answer them. For some it’s more or less the feeling, the impression about certain situations guiding them for an answer (often a consequence of a lack of facts on the table).
For some it is facts only, for some it’s both. Information is in the systems and it is with the people. We combine
both in our information management strategy. We make facts visible and understandable.

How is it going?

A(n automated) management dashboard containing a meaningful, correct and understandable set of KPIs(key performance indicators) is a solid base for answering this very question.
A well designed dashboard will enable you to answer this question from a meter distance to your screen.
Facts should be available when needed, easily readable and they should be retrieved efficiently.
(Avoiding error prone, manual data processing via numerous Excel sheets for instance)
IBVision provides hands on consultancy from getting the right information captured until your KPIs are available in you “management cockpit”.

How will it go if…?

A dashboard displaying solidity and KPIs’ development over time related to specific activities helps to obtain a clear picture of how business will continue under certain circumstances.
IBVision also provides a simulation tool which allows simulating scenarios (How will financial results look like if electricity costs rise with 3%? Or can I afford to invest in a certain project when increasing specific revenue?, etc.. More details about our simulation on request) 

How was it going?

In project management it should be mandatory to assess the situation at delivery as well as some time later.
So called project benefit tracking which can be agreed at the beginning of a project helps to later see how successful certain projects have been. This is especially meaningful in public sector (governmental, hospital, etc..) as well as in larger organizations that conduct improvements in processes)
IBVision develops project assessment and benefit tracking in collaboration with our clients to give them best
insight into their project management

How much insight have you got in decisive activities and crucial parameters of your organization?

Having insight into crucial areas is helping to make decisions more firm and with higher comfort level. Investment decisions should be based on solid facts. We at IBVision are getting you these facts on the table.
Implementing reporting can be done via existing structure and tools or by investing in new solutions. As supplier independent consultancy we can suggest the best and cost friendly solution.

What would you like to change, to improve or adapt?

Changes, improvements and alike are an inherent part of an organization’s life.  There are minor steps to be taken and there are big ones.   Every improvement is a change and each of them has its unique characteristics.  There are many attributes in an organization that undergo changes. This can be organizational and business processes, people, skills, communication, material, prices, working instructions, IT, facilities, etc..  to name a few.
How to keep track of all these changes and what does it mean for the organization’s development?
Ongoing change is a fact and it’s an asset to exercise awareness for controlled change.
If an organization has implemented a smart reporting structure then these changes will be reflected in the various reports. Be it operational reports to plan production or handle client requests or strategic reports
for decision makers in management roles. Apart of ongoing, standard reports, so called ad-hoc reports can be created to bring light into specific areas. (As example it could be a new marketing strategy that sales wants to see reflected in their figures or client service management that likes to check client satisfaction based on service indicators. )

How is the organization working from a people’s and social perspective?

How is leadership conducted? How happy are employees working for the organization?
Measuring hard facts and bringing numbers in relation to activities is one thing,- judging on how people feel and how to improve employee satisfaction is simply another. 
Communication, leadership, people management and organizational management is crucial for getting a high score in employee satisfaction.
IBVision has contacts within our network of leadership development and communication experts in Swedish, English and German.

Do you believe that IT can be used in better way? – for better efficiency while gaining comfort?

Lots of data is produced these days and lots of information is out there and disappears unnoticed.
A big part is usually not relevant after all.  At the same time IT systems are often not matching the organization’s need or existing systems are not used in the way it would help employees and organization.
This counts for financial systems, CRM (client relationship management) systems, admin systems and even Excel sheets. 
It often needs only a different way of working with exiting systems to improve things and make people’s job easier and less frustrating.  It often doesn’t require investing in IT.- Just changing the way of working with exiting IT can improve a lot.
Our consultancy is based on finding the best way to perform while keeping cost focus. - Together with our clients we’ll define, agree and perform changes to improve. The result of our analysis will determine what to suggest. It might be just a change of how to work with IT, it might also be change of IT only or both.
As outlined in our strategy, IT is a tool that should enable to perform business in desired way.

is a service that we provide for your organization to find out what your IT can do for you or how IT should be set up to do what you require.











What we do?
• Web design
• Web development
• Identity design
• Print design
• Visual/graphic design
• Online ERP development
• Database and BI solution development
• IT infrastructure and solutions
• Operating various BI tools
• IT scan
• System Analyze

is to find answers in regard to the vision and goals of an organisation and to achieve better operative or strategic decision making. The results of BI shall enable organisations to steer their business more efficient, at lower costs, with less risks and more profitable (if this is the goal)
rephrased: BI has the task to answer questions about the various areas of business.- and this: most efficiently, at lowest possible costs, as fast as possible and as accurat as possible. This is leading subsequently to a neccessity: IT
Business asks questions. And with help of IT BI should enable business to find or see answers.

Reporting – Management information (MI)
Our goal in reporting is to facilitate your organization with efficient, meaningful MI. Capturing, displaying and sharing facts/ information in understandable way to whatever level required. We make relevant information available to whatever level as:

1. Dashboards, Scorecards
Management dashboard
Client intelligence dashboard
Performance/Organization scorecard

2. Reports
Standard ongoing reports (Monthly, weekly, daily, etc…)
Ad-hoc reports for specific purpose
Analysis reports (in depth reports with background information, etc..)

3. Analysis
Root cause analysis
Organizational analysis
Technical (IT) analysis

4. Surveys
Client satisfaction surveys
Employee satisfaction surveys
Market surveys

For following areas:
Human resource Financials
Performance (of all other areas included)
Health of organization
Organizational structure
Business processes
Project management

With following qualities: Understandable
Meaningful (relevance, pointed, commentary, etc..)
Correct ( We consider information on data quality, correctness, failure margins)
Efficiently retrieved

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