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How is IBVision performing projects?

We start up projects via determining project scope, goal, time and if already known also a milestone plan and
success criterion. In some projects the goal is dynamic by nature and based on results of initial analysis.

If required or if this is the goal, we perform analysis of your organization and IT. Depending on the scope and complexity following steps will be applied. (Procedure and administration must be in healthy relation to costs)
The next step is to create a project plan with results as central element as well as a clear plan of estimated time and
money. Most projects involve a technical an operational and communication aspect.

We will perform the projects according to project plan and implement solutions straight forward in collaboration and constant communication with our clients.

Business Intelligence (BI) by IBVision
Often Business Intelligence is taken as an IT discipline which most of all involves so called data warehousing, etc..
In fact, IT is only a tool enabling to perform Business Intelligence more efficiently.
More information on Business Intelligence can be found in the Appendix I at the bottom of this document.
 Business Intelligence within an organization


In projects we apply a methodology called ICBI(cyclic Business intelligence ) based on our UIMmodel (universal information matrix)
This methodology was developed by Robert Kalcik

We deliver projects in the various areas of BI and implement BI together with your organization.
We implement BI adding value to your organization

Usual process:

  • Evaluating BI situation – BI and information management audit
  • Suggesting solutions
  • Agreeing on solution
  • Setting up project plan with success criterion
  • Performing the project in collaboration with you and delivering the agreed solution
  • Project benefit tracking, training, hand over
  • Service and support



One area of BI is….  Reporting – Management information(MI)
Our goal in reporting is to facilitate your organization with efficient, meaningful MI.
Capturing, displaying and sharing facts/ information in understandable way to whatever level required.
We make relevant information available to whatever level as:

  • Dashboards, Scorecards
  • Management dashboard
  • Client intelligence dashboard
  • Performance/Organization scorecard

Reports, analysis, score cards, dashboards, reviews, etc..

  • Standard ongoing reports (Monthly, weekly, daily, etc…)
  • Ad-hoc reports for specific purpose
  • Analysis reports (in depth reports with background information, etc..)
  • Benchmarking
  • Analysis
  • Root cause analysis
  • Organizational analysis
  • Technical (IT) analysis 


  • Client satisfaction surveys
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Market surveys


…and for following areas:

  • Human resource
  • Financials
  • Risk
  • Performance (of all other areas included)
  • Health of organization
  • Organizational structure
  • Business processes
  • Project management
  • IT

With following qualities:

  • Understandable
  • Meaningful (relevance, pointed, commentary, etc..) 
  • Correct ( We consider information on data quality, correctness, failure margins)
  • Efficiently retrieved

Additional background
Each and everybody within an organization should have all the information necessary to perform activities efficient, correct while gaining personal satisfaction with the job.

What information are we dealing with?
This could be required details for processing a client’s request within a service organization,  the right machinery and material to perform activities in production facilities as well as correct and understandable reports on financials and performance for management decision making process.
A crucial point is to know what happened in the past, the presence and to have a clear vision or goal in order to find the right strategy for the future.



Example of an automated reporting system – BI tool setup



The goal is to clearly display the situation of the organization or the area in scope.
We perform this by coming to your organization, retrieving information, analyze it and writing an audit report.

What is it and how it works
In initial communication with our clients we evaluate the situation and
create a document to capture basic goal and what you want to get our of it.

Next is to clarify which information is available and how to get it.

Based on this we take our Universal information matrix and retrieve this
information. Each step in the information cycle will be represented.
Next step is that we analyze the data and in an iteration process create
an audit type report for your organization.
The result can be having wide scope depending on the focus agreed.
E.g.  some tool could be used in a better way.- It can be communication that is not working out just fine.
-It can involve larger attributes such as IT changes, organizational( tasks, roles, etc..) or process changes (from working instruction level up to management or production processes.)

As we work with standardized concept we avoid to reinvent the wheel at given situations as well as we don’t run into risk to waste time for irrelevant or minor priorities.  We bring power for decision making.

  In a handover meeting with presentation of the results  further steps can be decided. The question of
“What is going on here” should be then clearly answered.
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